Change the Age Gap On CA SB145 From 10 Years to 3 Years.

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With the passing of CA SB145, our children are more vulnerable to sexual predators. This bill puts our children at risk to be groomed and preyed upon, without the consequence of mandatory registration, as long as the predator is within a 10 year age gap. That means a 24 year old can have sex with a 14 year old, as long as it’s consensual and potentially not have to register as a sex offender. The legal age of consent in CA is 18, so this bill shouldn’t have verbiage stating that a 14 year old can consent. There is absolutely no reason that a 24 year old should be having sex with a 14 year old, period. We are proposing that the age gap be reduced to a maximum of 3 years, with a mandatory registration on the sex offender registry, for anyone guilty of more than the 3 year gap. We need stricter regulations, to aid and protect our children from potential sex offenders. We demand either an amendment to the existing law, or for this matter to be put on the ballot, to be voted on by the people of the great state of California.