Make Delivery of The State's Ad Publication 'The Extra' Opt-in Rather than Opt-out

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The State Newspaper, based in Columbia, SC, delivers an unsolicited bundle of paper advertisements called "The Extra" to homes in South Carolina every week. This delivery is packaged in a plastic bag and thrown into the yards and driveways of SC residents without permission from those residents. There the ads sit until they are picked up by the residents--sometimes soggy from rain--and are either read or thrown into the trash.

The State provides an 800 number and email address for residents to opt out of The Extra but consistently fails to follow up to ensure delivery has stopped when requested. Many residents complain that delivery never stops or that it resumes after a brief hiatus.

In any case, forcing residents to jump through hoops to cancel a subscription they never requested in the first place is problematic. Being an unrequested printing of ads, The Extra is a waste of paper and plastic that eventually makes its way into South Carolina landfills. The State is littering the lawns and driveways of SC residents with thousands of papers every week.

By signing this petition, you are requesting that The State make The Extra an opt-in delivery publication rather than opt-out. We believe that The State should recognize and honor the property rights of South Carolina residents by refraining from the wasteful practice of delivering unrequested papers to the lawns and driveways of non-customers.