The Khagen Mahanta Udyan

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Sir , This is a humble reminder to an important Promise Made by The Govt Of Assam (India) To Keep Alive In Every way The Memory of The Bihu Samrat - Late Shri Khagen Mahanta.  To This initiative  A Park at the Kalashetra (Guwahati) by The Name of 'KHAGEN MAHANTA UDYAN was to be made. But after 3 years Of his  Demise this work has yet to Take Off. 

Need we Stress upon the Fact That Shri Khagen Mahanta and His Close Family have a huge Role in Bringing The Assamese Culture and it's wonderful Bihu Traditions (Song and Dance) to The World. . We Must mention The tireless efforts of his  Son Angaraag Papon Mahanta (A now Famous Bollywood Singer)  to Popularise The Culture and beauty of The NorthEast . With the result That it is Well on its way to becoming a popular Tourist destination and Attractive in many more ways. 

Hopeful of a Quick , Timely and  Positive response from The Chief Minister Assam (India). Sir, lest You be accused of adding Insult to Injury to an impt Memory and a sensitive Public Sentiment. 

Thank You


Manju Mathur