Stop The Mandates in Qld

Stop The Mandates in Qld

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Started by Anthony Stewart

.. What are you going to do, when all of our basic freedom rights are gone? The so called Mandate for the so called "unvaccinated" group is totally against what we call a "demecratic" country? 

.. Ok, let's look at it in simple terms. The Government says that 80% of the population has now been given at least 1 jab, right. And obviously those people will get a second follow up jab. So that leaves just 20% or possibly less on average, that have do have the rights to say, eighther through there beliefs or just don't want to compromise there bodies with this very controversial vaccine. 

. . Now, remember what the main point is here, people's choice.. Now, let's look at how the Government has forced people. Through Jobs security is a good way. How can a person that works and many that supply a sole income for themselves and family were applicable. How did this mandate give them a choice? It didn't? You got the vaccine or you were unemployed! That's it! And also, it is the only vaccine that has been mandated. And lastly, it still doesn't guarantee you won't get Covid 19 or new strains!! 

* So, in conclusion,  I'm asking you to sign this petition to give the rights back to all of us in future decisions. It won't stop at this pandemic!! It's your choice if you want to live in a so called democracy,  but be ruled like a communistic country. Every signature will send a BIG message to our State Government of Queensland and hopefully keep our nation freedom of choice for each and "everyone" of us, in the future.  

... Thankyou for taking time to read this petition and I wish you and your family and friends all the freedom and peace we all deserve as Australians ��. 

13 have signed. Let’s get to 25!