We need solar powered flashing lights for our Newham Primary School 40kph Zone!

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Have you taken a moment to watch vehicles flying past our school at drop off and pick up time? It's frightening!

Cars, motorcycles, delivery trucks and road-trains regularly speed through our 40kph school zone on Rochford Rd (C324). This occurs largely because of the combination of:

  •  the downhill slope from both the East and West making vehicles naturally pick up speed,
  •  drivers not seeing the signs,
  •  drivers reacting late (if at all) to the instruction on the signs.

Key to the issue is the fact that flashing signs are now everywhere. Drivers have become so used to signs flashing during school zone hours that they rely on them. If a sign doesn't flash could it mean that it's not time for the reduced speed yet?

If you believe that we need to catch up to the many schools around us and get our own flashing 40kph school zone signs then please sign the petition.