Due to Covid19 We Demand a Reduction in rent and modification of our lease for summer

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To begin, COVID19 has changed many resident´s financial situation and with the crisis not seeming to end soon, we demand a 50% decrease for rent for the month of April. This is because all the amenities at the standard  were closed down since March. As you all may know, those amenities are a big factor as to why us residents decided to lease at the standard and pay a premium price. With the amenities being shut down The Standard has been spending less money and we know part of our rent is because of the running costs of those amenities. We demand that part of our rent be slashed from our bills until they reopen. To add, FSU has made their semesters all the way through fall online. These two factors combined along with the financial crisis that has sprawled thanks to COVID 19 are reasons why us residents are strongly requesting at least 50% off for this month and any future months in which the amenities continue to be without operation. There are no more reasons for most residents to remain in Tallahassee as classes are no longer in person, but we respect the good relationship that we have with The Standard, some of us are willing to remain on our leases, specially because some of us already committed to another one later this year, but we demand The Standard implement a significant reduction of what is due for the summer months. Still, The Standard needs to work with those residents that cannot continue with the burden of the"lame duck" lease that those that had planned for this to be their last lease. Lastly, we demand a 25% reimbursement for the time the amenities were close in the month of March

The Standard Apartments of Tallahassee are currently not being helpful and are taking advantage of young college students that have no reason why to remain in the city anymore. For a complex with one of the most high-end rents in the city this is not acceptable. 

We, as residents of The Standard Apartments of Tallahassee, expect either at least 50% break in rent for April and future months that all amenities remain closed, a 25% reimbursement of the rent paid in March, and a significant reduction of what is due for the summer months.