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Tumblr's list of "Gross and Harmful content" is in need of some expanding.

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While I do agree that;

  • Gore / Mutilation
  • Bestiality
  • Necrophilia

Are all horrible, them being the ONLY options listed for flagging "gross and harmful content", isn't very useful.

When one actually needs to report content that violates Tumblr's "Community Guidelines", the works usually do not include the 3 listed above.

That is why I created this petition, to show the staff of Tumblr that we (the users) want the list of reportable "gross and harmful content" to be expanded to include;

  • Rape
  • Pedophilia / Hebephilia / Ephebophile
  • Explicit NSFW content of children
  • Racism
  • Transphobia / Homophobia / etc
  • Pro-NAZI content
  • Abuse glorification

So please, sign today, and make it easier to report harmful and gross content on

Also plz feel free to add anything that you feel should be added to the options for "gross and hateful content" in the comments & I'll add them to the petition letter :)

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