Our children deserve better

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The current, council-approved plans to rebuild the St Spyridon College Infants school has been put on hold indefinitely due to the lack of support from some of its Board members. It is claimed that it is preferred to have the site used for non-educational purpose and potentially have the site sold off. 

The major stakeholders of the school community have invested much time and money in the development and progress of this much-required and much-anticipated project only to have our children and teachers in less than ordinary conditions (temporary classrooms, reduced playing areas, no sporting facilities). Increased school fees, non-refundable admin fees and endless donations will have no benefit for our children. 

The impact of this decision which will be made at the Parish AGM on May 30 has major impact on the current and future generations of our community. 

It is therefore suggested that there is no confidence in the current board as it stands as they are not acting in a manner that has the educational interests of our children at the forefront of their dealings. 

We want the best for our children and their education. 

We want the Parish to act in the way it has promised all its families. 

We want a Board which sees the education of its children with paramount importance.