"The Spot" - Garbage issues on Kanakapura Road

"The Spot" - Garbage issues on Kanakapura Road

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Sindhu Gopalakrishnan started this petition to Vishwanath (BBMP CHIEF ENGINEER (SWM)- Bohmanhalli) and

Bangalore city has been a medley for Citizens to grab their dream jobs, experience the beautiful surroundings, and pleasant climate. The National highway 209 connecting Bangalore to Dindigul via kanakapura has been a eye catcher for many. The area houses prestigious apartments developed by top builders like (Shobha, Mantri, Brigade, Prestige, HM Group) , commercial establishments, Independent houses and many Top National and International schools like DPS, Ryan, Kumaran’s etc.. Proximity to some of the best resorts and  hotels of Bangalore, including the world class “Art of Living Centre” on NH209 makes it a dream destination as homes for many.  

June 2017, the launch of Metro Rail was an icing on the cake. Citizens were elated and their happiness grew with no bounds. No one ever thought, No one ever knew, No one ever dreamt that this happiness would be short lived for the Citizens of “ The Spot”. “The spot” the  stretch on the NH209 between Metro Pillar no 82 and 90 (Jarganhalli/Yelchanahalli - Ward No 185 / 186) which was once upon a time a beautiful lake had turned in to an “Ugly Spot”

The “Ugly spot” where one couldn’t make out if it was the footpath or the road. All one can see is  garbage and only garbage. Garbage laid all over this stretch. All types of garbage – Wet, Dry, Sanitary, dumped and dumped and dumped for days together such that if you even try to stand there your foot would immerse few inches down the muck. Standing ! was even acceptable as citizens do not have a choice. The Spot had two main bus stops, an auto stand and boarding point for School buses. And the Stench……… its not only unbearable … if one stands for few minutes – one would die of suffocation.  Other than the BBMP contractors who dump the garbage, the shops selling meat and fish also dump the garbage in huge quantities.

Complaints logged with BBMP did not help… There was no permanent solution. On one fine day, volunteers of NGO -  Let’s be the Change, who found the “Ugly Spot” came over. They cleaned the spot and made it spick and span. They painted the walls with beautiful art work conveying the message to stop dumping garbage. The residents were elated , everyone took pictures and blessed the young angels.  NGO’s need to be given a standing ovation for working tirelessly and selflessly towards the Nation !

Alas to our surprise the very next morning the garbage was dumped again. Shocking! - no thought  or consideration…..  What a sad state of affairs ! And then came the brave women residents of the “Ugly spot” (house wife’s and office goers )lead by residents of HM Tambourine wore their hearts on their sleeves and carried out protests bearing the stench.100’s of them stood tall demanding to    stop this menace. The protest was supported by the health inspector of the area.  And then one day the residents of the “Ugly Spot” shook with fear, the garbage collectors had excavated a dead    body from the muck !

Its one year now and the “Ugly Stop” is only growing more and more Ugly. All pleas, protests and uncountable grievances logged in by residents have gone in vain. Pollution is at the highest scale causing health hazard to the young and the old. Residents  are often falling sick. Doors and Windows remain closed the whole day.  There is a potential risk to Metro rail too as the place is attracting kites and pigeons as well. Dogs and cows roaming around making it more difficult for citizens as well as vehicles to move around. The spot has become a breeding ground for insects and bacteria. The “Ugly Spot” is at a high risk of a possible epidemic break out.    

When will our Nation Change? What about all the Swatch Bharat slogans and oaths? Can we get some immediate attention from the Government to the “Ugly Spot” ?   


Sindhu Gopalakrishnan

Melody 405 (resident of HM Tambourine)

On behalf of the HMTAOA

 Complaints raised till date:  

1.       BBMP Complaint Nos :  17113, 14621, 13465, 3231, 3229, 10735566

2.       Online Petition: https://chn.ge/2KFJRMv

3.       Offline Petitions to Commissioner BBMP

4.       PMO Office - Registration Number : PMOPG/E/2018/0321768     

5.       Letter to Chairman  NHAI ( Yudhvir Singh), – 30th June 2018 , Nitin Gadkari – Transport Minister, Durga Shankar – Chairman Namma Metro

6.       Petition to Health Inspectors, MLA, BBMP Corporators, Commissioner BBMP

7.       . PMO Office - Registration Number : PMOPG/E/2018/0373349  

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!