Help stop bullying in Spooner Middle School

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Imagine that your child fears goings to school every single day because of how their peers treat them for being themselves. Imagine them getting told to kill themselves or slit their wrists. Imagine that the school does nothing to stop it, yet claims to not tolerate bullying. Their motto is literally, "Where Kids come first." yet when asked for help about being bullied, no action is taken. Welcome to Spooner Middle School. My sister hasn't even been a student of the Spooner school district in five months, yet she is still told to kill herself and that she doesn't matter on the daily. Yeah, did I mention that she's 13? Did I mention that this happens to so many others kids too? Before you say well, why doesn't she ignore them or block them? Why doesn't she tell an adult? Well, she tried ignoring them. We all know that bullies do NOT like being ignored. So they persisted. They got more people to join in. Then, when she would block them, they'd make new accounts telling her that her teeth are messed up, she's ugly, life would be better if she was dead, to cut herself like her sister and so, so many other things. Whenever Violet would go in to talk to the principal or guidance counselor, they wouldn't even bat an eye. Now, for me seventh grade was when I started getting bullied. That's when I became depressed and started self harming. That was the start of it. So, when I saw the staff doing nothing to help my sister, I decided to go into the school and talk to them myself. I thought maybe they would listen. But I forgot that some adults don't listen to what kids have to say, so I was denied a meeting with anyone. Several times. When you're in middle school, what people say about you/to you matters. It shouldn't, but at that age it really matters, much more than it should. We go to school to learn. We go to school to educate ourselves: our future depends on it so much. But if you're bullied, it's a living hell. When you're bullied, you feel alone. Bad thoughts creep into your head. I am so sick of schools claiming to do everything in their power to stop bullying but I witness first hand that they really don't care. They won't unless you commit suicide, then they say, "I really wish that there was something we could have done to help that precious child." I went to Spooner High school and they handled bullying very well. If you were bullied, action would be taken. My sister and so many other middle schoolers, aren't as lucky. We need to end bullying. If we can make a difference in at least one school, let's do it. We can make school about learning again, not having to go into the bathroom to hide from your peers. Not having to pretend to be sick just to avoid the name calling, the tripping, the hate. Let's make this school a safe place for all students. You can make a difference. Let's all stop turning our heads on bullying and do something to help these kids. The staff isn't, their parent's aren't. We have tried everything. I just can't stand around and watch these kids go through the same thing that I had to go through. No child should be scared of going to school. Let's make a difference.

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