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Since Sweden is being used like Albania in the movie Wag the Dog - At least give us a song

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It's weird being a Swede right now. Our small little country doesn't usually get that much attention, unless someone is talking about Minecraft or confusing us with Switzerland, so when we do get some attention world wide, we're naturally very happy.

However, the current attention is a bit off. While we do of course find it flattering that we get to play the role as the country with the fake war in the award winning movie "Wag the Dog", we feel that, if we're going to pose as a nation wrought with war and misery to divert attention from any scandal to do with well, let's just say "Russia", we should also get a cool song about us played on the US-radio and television.

In the movie Wag the Dog, the song Old Shoe gets to represent the fate of the poor soldier stuck in Albania. Maybe you could pretend someone from the US is stuck here as well. The song can be about shoes, as it is Swedish custom to take off your shoes when you enter a Swedish residence. Maybe it can be about how we stole his shoes or something, and how he is going to get his footwear back when he gets to walk on American soil again. We're perfectly fine with that, even better if you use a shoe sold by a Swedish company, maybe H&M for an example, which provides very fashionable clothing and accessories for a very reasonable price.

We feel that the situation should be fair. If we're going to accept that some random person named "Nisse Bildt" and such is going to pose as some expert and advisor on Swedish security on Fox News, we should at least get a song. We really want a song. Something "catchy". If we don't get a song, we demand that you change country. Maybe to Norway. They kill whales. That's super mean you know. Killing whales is not ok. Also they have lots of oil so it fits the US-narrative a lot better! We don't have any oil, we have lots of wood and people who make computer games. But no oil.

Thank you very much for supporting this petition and, hopefully, sharing it with your friends. Give Sweden a song!

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