Any sri lnkan though sinhala Buddhist can establish peace, unity and eradicate poverty

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Andrea Brito Babapulle started this petition to The Speaker, the President, the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka and

We, the people have lived through repeated changes of government since 1964 and its always been either the UNP, The SLFP or variations of these two with the same incumbents changing places as opposition or government.

We therefore request that the date of submissions be extended by a further 4 weeks and this change announced to the public via our media regarding the following:-

The present  functions of the government have not brought any benefits to the populace, not in basic amenities such as house and homes, food, shelter to our dependents in children or animals. Water is scarce. 

Infrastructure development has defotested land, built highways which cannot be used by ordinary folk nor our forest dwellers, encroachment on  sanctuaries and  preserves, hindrance to eco friendly plantations banned in other countries and done to benefit big corporates.

No lessons learnt from the foreign countries who hold us to ransom in unpayable leases of 99 years where the governing bodies nor their families will live to see because they will leave when the well runs dry. 

Threatened nepotism with despots have silenced and killed our journalists, there is no freedom of speech. Every system does not work for the benefit of the public. They only serve to service the government servants who procrastinate and delay for reasons best said as "unknown". But, they have the privilege of retiring with salaries and benefits. 

The average population including our elephants cannot retire. They drop dead through exhaustion.  No pension schemes for the unemployable, unsupported and aged. We would suggest that this be done immediately. 

These can easily be solved if the government thinks of its people and tends to their needs. To know who they are,  Please establish  three categories in leaders who are provincial,  district and island representatives who are chosen from the majority within their own villages within their own district and province, they will have more faith in what they can obtain than is given to them at present.

No community should be segregated in one area of our undivided country.An Arab village is in our country and they flout your laws

Any religious place of worship built after the year 2000 should be the properly of the citizens of Sri Lanka not  of a community.No preferences given to one. No stalls, signs, cars, on private streets unless Owned by the street owner. Excludes exclusive access to single houses which should remain unencumbered though approvals given to others against court wins. In this context,  The police should be instructed to take immediate action against the tresspssser. Includes down pipes which flood neighbours land. 

Religion should not be observed in a dress code unless they are,say. nuns, priests, monks, thus the sari, Salwar, western dress. Our people are beautiful. Black attracts mosquitoes. So white or colour. No head veils, face masks, no niqab.

No child marries under 18. 

Religion should be taught one day of the week. Health, hygiene, reintroduced to schools and  one compulsory community service day of "keep our country clean."

No party politics please. independent candidates are discriminated and charged 70,000 while party players pay 50,000. It should be reduced to say 20,000 per candidate. The people want their say? Let the people have their say. 

The leadership is only for citizens of Sri Lanka. Those who have obtained citizenship must go through regular channels and should have paid the price. This does not happen but we should have one rule for all. Example 200, 000 paid in 2003 for a dual nationality because the mother was Sri Lankan.

There is no census done since 2011. There is a second burgeoning majority and one terrorist attack which makes our people vulnerable.   Please implement a 5 day census and recruit our university students from the fields of economics, logistics, statistics and accounting. the electoral office should have the relevant information but one wasnt on the register since the last election.  

There should be no religious interference in politics and no sharia or other laws. There are professors of law writing theses which end on shelves in universities. These should be addressed by the Bar association and implemented in supreme court. 

The judiciary should be made of three independent communities other than that of the defendants. 

Since there will be no ministers, all documents referencing ministerial concessions should be edited to remove such clauses. Example the UDA laws of 1999.

The megapolis plan is inconceivable when mayors make exceptions to the detriment of birth right owners. 2000+ illrgal buildings affect adjacent  owners. 90 % of these can be solved by the police and the two contestants produced before the magistrates court. You don't need 20 years to solve a two weeks or at most a one month's job. Immediate stop work by the police of anything "unauthorised".

There shouldn't any illegal if the following are implemented. 

The CMC legal should be under the Attorney general's department. 

The CMC planning should be under the institute of architecture. 

The CMC Assessors department should be  under the taxation department. 

The CMC treasury should be under the Central Bank. 

Strict detail of community-based expenditure. Example a materials survey of construction costs. Quantity surveyors. Accountability. Laxity has resulted in billionaires vs paupers. 

Human rights? Do not kill, do not steal, do not lie and do not covet.No codicils. The ministers have allegedly  allocated  sums for  say 100 million to spay dogs? But the dog shelter homes are dumped with pups. Almost every day. Another has allegedly  paid John Walter Thompson 340 million to improve tourism when tourism was at its peak. One act of terrorism ended theillusion of Sri Lanka being free of acts of violence. however it was not needed then.  All such sums should be recalled from all allocations. 

An Auditors  Department should be implemented for government expenditure and accessible to the public. 

Education is in 3 languages, English,  Snhala and Tamil and taught to all schools island wide equitably. Teachers trained as such. There should be no area allocation as is done at present. Truncheons and tear gas is not the way to deal with children. The police do not see their children as aspirants for greatness. nor do our poor. They should be entitled to this right.

It is the duty of the incumbents to "Gracefully" and like gentlemen relinquish their posts to any new. We expect our leaders to do so. 

We would respectfully suggest that the Hon speaker remain as the island Leader of the "House of Representatives." Sri lanka is for all? 

Sri Lanka is a multi-religio-ethnic society. Please make it so. Let's start with the tourism brochures.  

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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!