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No New Pension for MNA!! Respect our Constitution

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The Constitution is a sacred document, one that was approved by more than 60% of our population in 1993. It is the book that provides us with the guidance for future laws but today we see the elected and non-elected members of parliament tampering with it to provide themselves a benefit that did not exist under the Constitution and attempted to silence anyone who could challenge them by adding a pension for all Constitutional posts. To make an amendment to a Constitution you need a two-thirds majority. There isn’t a party with a two-thirds majority so Parti Lepep and Linyon Demokratik Sosyal colluded together to add a pension for their personal benefit. The law that was in existent was unconstitutional and declared so by the Constitutional Court so instead of amending the law to bring it in line with our Constitution, they amended the Constitution to give themselves money they were not constitutionally entitled to. But why sign this petition? Is it fair for a farmer, a construction worker, anyone to be treated differently from the people who will ignore him or her for the next 5 years until they need another vote? The farmer has to work up to 60 or 63 to get a pension, our MNA can get it at the age of 55. That farmer and you are one of the same. Is it fair that they get one more pension than any other worker? All this time they didn’t even pass by to resolve your problem but enjoy duty-free cars, cocktails for lunch and dinner and you, you were just struggling to pay high taxed goods and services to pay for their pension. The money that is spent on pension could be spent on important services that will serve the people. Today thieves come to your house, the police are understaffed, your child has no teacher or books and the medication you need is substandard because we have no money to pay for it. Where are your taxes going? Bring Justice for the People – We gave them the chance to do it and they have not – What we give we can take away!

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