End the discriminatory tax on menstrual products in North Carolina

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Ansley Taylor
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Tampons, pads, and other menstrual products are already expensive and pose a financial burden to many women and girls. On top of this, these products are taxed as if they are LUXURY in North Carolina, although in reality they are a NECESSITY. Other personal care items such as ChapStick and Viagra are exempt from these taxes. This only worsens the financial barrier to accessing these products. When women and girls can't access these products, they must improvise ways to deal with their periods, which can be a health risk. This can also cause girls to miss school and other important opportunities. We must abolish the discriminatory pink tax in order to protect the rights and dignity of these and all women. Help South Meck High School's Period Project in their mission to provide access to menstrual products to all women in Charlotte. This video shows the experience of homeless women dealing with their periods.