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Korea has always been a strong influence in the area of ceramics throughout institutions of the world. It has strong traditions in the making and philosophy of the bowl “macsabal”. International Macsabal Museum and the Symposiums organized by the museum have an important role to transmitting and spread to the world of this tradition. Pottery and Ceramic artists have gathered together over many years through this institution to exchange knowledge and processes in the medium of clay.

As an artist and also an academician; many of us have attended the Macsabal Symposiums and have found it has given all of us professional development by working side by side in the production and conversation in producing artworks.

We hope that Wanju City Government accepts our encouragement in allowing this program to continue as it would then continue to influence and build strength in the Pottery/Ceramic world and uphold the importance and significance of Korea’s major contribution to the history of world ceramics.

These approaches are areas that many ceramic artists and students have never been involved in before and are such important processes to continue to be shown and taught.

The Macsabal Symposiums which proved to be extremely successful in bringing international artists together from many different countries and influences within the medium of ceramics.Wanju Macsabal Museum is not ordinary place for artist and the city. Please keep it growing and continue. Please Do Not Allow International Macsabal Museum to be Closed.


On behalf of Ceramic artists and academicians; Prof. Candan Terwiel (Turkey) and Prof. Neville Assad-Salha (Lebanon)