Corona-virus Epidemic - Call to Government to support South Africa's hospitality industry

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The Corona-virus is a challenge and a tragedy in equal measure for this country, and we know how real the threat is to society's most vulnerable. All of us in hospitality wish to play our part in protecting those who need it and assisting in anyway possible to see the country through these dark times. 

That said, the South African government needs to take responsibility for its people, industries and economy. The hospitality industry is one of the largest industries in South Africa, with incalculable jobs at stake, the loss of which will have far reaching consequences. While responsible and correct, in choosing to officially limit the trade of restaurants, bars, hotels and other venues, the industry is about to collapse. We are not an industry who can be sent home to work, we are not an industry who can work in isolation. As an industry we are massive supporters of independent suppliers, distributors, bakers and farmers to name but a few. Vast amounts of employees, business owners and entire households are about to be unemployed and without income for an unknown period of time.

We are asking for a review of:

o  Support - financial and practical - laid out by the government for both staff and business owners alike.

o Defer April tax payment without penalties.

o  Arranging brief and limited reprieve from financial institutions and obligations.

o  A clear decision from the government – change in service limitations changes our insurance claims.

o  Transparency on timeline so businesses can prepare logistically and rationally for times ahead.

Thank you to each and every person for their ideas, suggestions and support. Stay safe, be considerate and look after yourselves.

Kyle Bownes – Hospitality General Manager