Downtown Garland isn't the right place for Downtown Pregnancy Center

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It was recently brought to my attention that The Source North Texas (FKA Downtown Pregnancy Center) plans to open up a full-service pregnancy center on the corner of the Downtown Garland Square. 

While many people believe this to be a good service, I believe we all agree that the Downtown Garland Square is NOT the right place for this clinic's location.

Set aside the fact that there simply isn't ample parking for such a business, but also consider The City of Garland has been working for years to improve its image - specifically to try to make the Downtown Garland Square a destination. What the square needs are retailers, restaurants, bars and arts and crafts businesses. Not pregnancy clinics. 

A business like this on the square might also hurt the existing businesses as well. If the few parking spots are taken up by people going to this pregnancy clinic, then patrons to the small businesses we've already grown to love, already fighting to prosper since the pandemic, might decide to go elsewhere. After all, if you can't park your car you're not going to get out of it. Additionally, think about the possibility if the clinic were on the square and a patient had an emergency. Fire trucks and ambulances would have a difficult time getting to the situation because of the small space that the Square resides in.

There are so many other locations in Garland where this business will be better suited. We have the Carver Center area and the old Baylor area - both of which are easily reached via bus lines on DART and are successful areas where medical services are offered  - that would be a much more logical place for this non-profit to open its doors. 

I think very few people are opposed to this business being in Garland; rather its desired location. When the Downtown Garland Square started its vigorous revitalization program, it was intended for retail, entertainment and restaurants. Not pregnancy clinics.

If you, like so many others, are in agreement with my statements and the statements of the Garland Downtown Business Association, please sign this petition so your voice may be heard.

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