Shut Down Abaarso School in Somaliland - #AbolishAbaarso

Shut Down Abaarso School in Somaliland - #AbolishAbaarso

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Feisal Ahmed started this petition to The Somaliland Authorities and

What is Abaarso School? 

Abaarso School of Science and Technology (Abaarso School) is a non-profit, co-educational boarding school in Abaarso, located in Maroodi Jeex, Somaliland. Its campus lies some 18 km west of the provincial capital of Hargeisa. Abaarso was only a secondary school until 2013, when it first began to run an intermediate school as well. The school now ranges from grades 7-12, with a post-graduate option. There are approximately 120 students in the upper school and 98 in the lower school. Abaarso School was founded in 2009 by Jonathan Starr, an American former finance executive. (Source Wikipedia) 

Why Shut Abaarso School?

It's a sickening, dishonoring and disgracing reality. Abaarso School is against the long-practiced values, norms, traditions and customs of the Somali culture and as well as the beliefs, teachings and practices of Islam. The Students at the School are taught behaviors and ideas that are NOT Islamically accepted. For instance, students graduated from Abaarso School are campaigning and lobbying for the separation of Islamic teachings from secular curriculum. This is unacceptable. The Somalis are muslims and believe in Sharia-Based law. Islam is the religion that should be used to govern, teach and guide the community. How can such things be tolerated? 

Another scenario is the visit of Anderson Cooper, a homosexual TV personality. What was the purpose of his visit? Why should someone who is committing one of the gravest sins in Islam should be lecturing our youngsters? What was his Propaganda? It's  great evidence for the il-natured practices of Abaarso to invite a person who's trying to en-culture the Somali community on his beliefs about homosexuality (  نعوذ بالله ). 

What You Can Do?

There's an influence and  de-culturalization going on in Somaliland. The noble Somali ethics and traditions are being eroded by a powerful (financially) force. By Allah, our faith is being challenged. As Somalis and Muslims we have to intervene. We need to show our strenght and do whatever we can to shut this School. It’s  OUR responsibility to protect and preserve our Deen (Islam). 

Allah, the almighty, says in the Quran: 

(3:104) And from among you there must be a party who invite people to all that is good and enjoin the doing of all that is right and forbid the doing of all that is wrong. It is they who will attain true success.

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Speical Note to Mr. Muse Bihi and the authorities of Somaliland and its Islamic Scholars:

Please, for the sake of Allah, shut down Abaarso School, as it is a great Fitnah in the land. Please intervene and ensure all the students of Abaarso School are rehabilitated and corrected. 

Respect and Admiration for:  Abdimaalik Muuse Oldoon (Samafale Coldoon)


                                                       وبالله التوفيق

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!