I, along with all Madridistas worldwide, want Florentino Perez to leave Real Madrid.

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After 3 successive losses in the past 10 days against Barcelona (twice) and Ajax, we've found out of the running for La Liga, Copa Del Rey and the UEFA Champions League. President Florentino Perez has sold star players like Cristiano Ronaldo and has not signed any replacements. He has hired coaches without giving them the firepower and sacked them when he's been under-pressure. We're used to winning and more importantly being a team but looking at these sets of demotivated players, the change needs to be made. Florentino Perez must be removed as President of Real Madrid and a new President be elected by the Socios. This club is owned by its's fans and it is now time to let them make the decisions. Help me rid our lovely club of the main problem which is the President Florentino Perez. PEREZ OUT! 

Hala Madrid Y Nada Mas