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The Society for Neuroscience: Put New Orleans back on the rotation of venues for your annual meeting

Having the largest neuroscience related scientific meeting in New Orleans is critical for 1) the continued growth of the city, 2) the local scientific community, and 3) the publicity provided. We understand that after Hurricane Katrina the society incurred substantial cost and difficulty to relocate the meeting. We also understand that there were minor problems at two venues during the recent trial meeting that was held in New Orleans in October of 2012 that were caused by Hurricane Isaac in September of 2012. However, removing New Orleans from the meeting venue location for the next 9 years is unwarranted. Now that Hurricane Sandy impacted the entire East Coast in late October, the argument for a better, non-hurricane prone site on the East Coast is not valid. If the meeting had been in Washington DC in November of 2012, does anyone doubt that there would have been MAJOR problems with that venue? New Orleans has very good accomodations that are close to the Convention Center.  The Convention Center is very close to the French Quarter, restaurants, hotels, and night life. The Convention Center itself is unparalleled anywhere. Please reconsider your decision, and include New Orleans in the current meeting rotation, or at least give us one meeting before 2022, and then put us back in the rotation. There is no better venue considering the city, the culture, the accomodations, or the weather.

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