Women Empowerment- A sisterhood in Trinidad

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2017 started on a very positive note for me, by February I was ecstatic in UWI, second semester, and I was happy for the first time ever. However in May, a sudden change occurred and I was no longer the same happy excited person that I was, severe depression, weight loss, drama, stress, heartache and I was woman, unable to care for my three children and go to school so I had to choose one. 

I couldn't give up so easily, I insisted I get to go to school, gave my brother responsibility over my children and came back with greater vigor. By August, I was back into the depression and this time my case I felt was so unique that when professionals heard what I was going through. They commended me on not committing suicide. Since when was it ever ok, and who told you I was going to do that. 

I refuse to be downtrodden, and when I took my concerns to strangers, women in my school, family, and friends, and shared they shared too, on the off chance these incidents occurred. I was not alone. I thought I was but I was not. I was affected but in my own way. And so are thousands of women, and young children. 

This year alone- more than 50 of the 470+ murders were from abusive relationships. Then there is rape, robbery, sexual harassment and the list goes on for the range of possible violence that can occur against females.

Why are we women taking this? Where is our registered list of sex offenders? Where are the stiff penalties for sexual harassment? Where is the office to report police officer misconduct male and female without police harassment? There are so many issues that need to be identified and women need to come forward and discuss them. 

I am fed up of the situation in Trinidad, I am studying Social Work, I am a mother of three, I am a woman and I am frightened for the future of our country. I want to be a leader and a good one an example for myself and for my kids. I do not want this current society. This hole of a society. This self destructing society. Lets talk about it ladies. Please if you agree sign my petition. Lets start the rapport. Open the forum. Talk about it. If we can't get a list lets make our own list, lets keep our children safe. Lets talk about the things that men and other women did to us, so that we could vent, discuss ways to find solutions and measures to take to be safe. Lets network, do what everyone else does and keep each other safe. BUT BEFORE WE DO ANYTHING WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT IT. Please lets be strong for each other. Lets create the world we want. Support us by building a human connection and having meaningful discussions. Please sigh the petition if you agree. 


Sabeerah A. Mohammed