Install recycle bins on Burleigh Hill

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Hi! My name is Korina and I am the founder of a community project called "The Social Cleanse".

The aim of this movement is to create a safe space where like minded conscious individuals and local projects can come together and share tips on sustainability and environmental issues and collaborate to make a change. As someone who is passionate on keeping our beautiful beaches clean, my first personal project is to encourage council to implement recycle bins on Burleigh Hill. 

For anyone who has enjoyed a sunset picnic or social gathering on this beautiful headland, you would have noticed that most of the rubbish disposed of are recyclable materials such as drink bottles and cans, food containers etc and while council do a great job of supplying numerous bins and clean ups, it would be safe to say that well over half the contents that are going into general waste can be recycled yet there is not 1 recycle bin available for people to make the choice to do their bit and ensure this rubbish is going to better use and not end up in landfill.

By signing this petition you are a contributing to a movement that, may start in Burleigh but with hopes to extend to all major parks and tourist spots on the Gold Coast inspired by the conscious living that can be found by our neighbors down south like Brunswick and Byron.

Thank you for taking just a minute of your time to support this important movement and for contributing towards a cleaner Gold Coast ✌