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Please vote on the Fox Hunting Ban in the UK Parliament.

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Our Nation is divided on whether or not the SNP should vote on England-only matters. Whether you're for or against, the issue of the Fox Hunting Ban is of great importance.

Putting everything aside, this petition is asking the SNP MPs to vote on the Fox Hunting Ban and vote to keep the ban in place - we would expect SNP MPs to vote this way. Abstaining gives more power to the Conservatives, power gained by a very small % of the general election vote.

The Conservatives are already facing huge pressure from the public, we need that to translate into parliament. As it stands we need every single anti-Tory MP to vote against the Tories in order to prevent them pushing through every policy in their manifesto.

Let's see how many signatures we can get, see if the SNP accept our petition and if they decide to vote on the Fox Hunting Ban or not.

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