Make May 6th 2021 Holyrood Election a Plebiscite on Scottish Independence.

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In 2014, Scotland’s people were asked if they wanted to be an independent country. At that point they were told that if they voted yes, they risked crashing out of Europe. Scotland voted no.

Two years later Scotland was dragged out of Europe against its will. Despite overwhelmingly voting to remain in the EU, Scotland was forced to follow the lead of England who voted for Brexit. Since then there have been several requests to Westminster for a Section 30 order to allow another referendum, but those requests have been refused, despite repeated polls showing that support for Scottish independence now exceeds 50%.

Scotland now faces the prospect of severe economic hardship. The exit from the EU represents a material change in the relationship between Scotland and England since 2014, yet the Scottish people have not been allowed to have their say.
We call on the SNP and the Scottish Greens who support Scottish independence in Holyrood and other political parties in Scotland to make the May 6th 2021 Scottish elections a plebiscite. This is a democratic event recognised by the international community and is a way of establishing the opinion of the Scottish people legally and legitimately.

It is not right that at such a crucial point and in matters that will affect peoples’ employment, wellbeing and liberty, that their voice should be silenced.

In Scotland the people are sovereign and it is time that they were given the right to speak.

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