Support Farming and Community Growth and Development in Area C Pemberton BC

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Pemberton is a community of stunning beauty and extraordinary people who have made a special choice to live here for generations to come. The Pemberton land owners and community members living in Area C need support and consultation with the SLRD to grow their businesses, prosper, and continue to enjoy the community they have chosen to live

The proposed changes within the SLRD Area C bylaw 1549 have not been created to serve the community and they have not been developed with adequate community consultation and we want the SLRD to rewrite the bylaw for ALL of Pemberton.

  • The proposed changes are not supportive of  long term growth and sustainability in our rural and farming community and they infringe on personal rights 
  • They are not an example of modern collaborative methodology and consultation and they do not reflect our communities wishes 

The SLRD instead is imposing a bylaw that is overly controlling, bureaucratic, and oppressive; reflecting primitive methods and rules belonging to feudal times. A fundamental piece of local government planning process is missing.There is no overall coherent vision for our community that is key to its survival.

We are asking for real community leadership, real consultation and real collaboration for future generational growth! We are asking for a clear, concise, cooperative, community vision!

What can you do to help 

1.Sign this petition now 

2.Talk to your neighbors and friends and Attend the Public Meeting on April 11th at the Pemberton Community Center at 6-30 pm 

3.Contact FACE(Future Area C Engagement) at for more details

4.Write to your local MLA Jordan Sturdy at

5.Read the proposed changes in the bylaw 1549 

6.Write to the SLRD asking for the bylaw to be rewritten after full and transparent consultation 

SLRD Board of Directors

Mike Richman Village of Pemberton Mayor

Russell Mack Area C Pemberton, Birken, D'Arcy
Jack Crompton Whistler SLRD Chair

Debbie Demares Area A Upper Bridge River
Jen Ford Whistler
Patricia Heintzman Squamish
Marg Lampman Lillooet Mayor
Mickey Macri Area B Seton, Fountain,Pavillion
Doug Race Squamish
Tony Rainbow Area D Furry Creek, Britannia Beach

SLRD Planners
Ian Holl SLRD Senior Planner
Kim Needham SLRD Director of Planning &Development

Thankyou and see you on April 11th at the Public meeting 

FACE (Future Area C Engagement)