Urge the Slovenian Republic to save Haasberg Palace and respect more Europe's Heritage

Urge the Slovenian Republic to save Haasberg Palace and respect more Europe's Heritage

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Juan Pablo Maschio started this petition to Vlada Republike Slovenije and

Somewhere in beautiful Slovenia
Haasberg palace is a cultural and historical building of high importance to Europe.
It is located in the beautiful and amazing Planina, Municipality of Postojna.
It has been the cradle for illustrious people, and an inspirational spot where critical decisions and ideas were born, plenty of those which had altered the history of many countries such as Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy and Belgium, among others.

Old picture of Haasberg
Haasberg from its entrance
3d Reconstruction of the Palace

After being set on fire in 1944 by Yugoslavian partisans, this charming Baroque pearl has been left to decay due to the political ideologies of those days.
It has been vandalized, partially demolished, involved in a series of dishonest dealings, and even though there were many intents to restore it, there has always been a dark hand blocking everything.

Recreation of that tragic night

2021: Current situation and keypoint of this petition
Nowadays, after many years of negligence from the Slovenian Republic, and the obsolete laws which tie the hands of those who could preserve our heritage with dignity; while at the same time many opportunists are awaiting for getting some personal benefit of this.

The sad reality: the palace is crumbling down, and its current condition is an absolute disaster and a national shame.
(disclaimer: This petition has absolutely no intention of insulting Slovenia's honorable authorities. But it is a transparent and direct way of expression, asking to really commit and take action on the matter. We cannot longer allow Slovenia and Europe from losing unique and invaluable pieces of art, architecture, archaeology, etc.)

Unluckily due to the earthquake which hit the region in December 2020, Haasberg started waving goodbye forever.
The palace has suffered major damage. Big portions of walls collapsed, the remaining baroque stonework has been lost, and the iconic portal was heavily damaged.
The Municipality of Postojna (Občina Postojna), have reacted very professionally, and immediately took the right measurements to avoid the citizens from accessing the ruins.
The local authorities have been very successful in rising the Municipality Standards, and they really care about their people, investing in new technologies and modern buildings.
But to take care of a building of these characteristics which has been highly neglected by the previous administrations, is way out of the current budget, and it's fully comprehensible. We really understand and support these decisions.
But in this case, is when the National Authorities should react and seek for the common well and integrity of heritage buildings of National and European interest.
Not necessarily by investing money blindly, but letting the door open to more creative ways, interacting with other countries which may help with knowledge, ideas, or capital.

Picture of the damage 1
Picture of the damage 2
Picture of the damage 3
Picture of the damage 4
Picture of the damage 5
Picture of the damage 6
(courtesy of: Žan Kafol)

Together we can Change this!
We urge the Slovenian authorities to come to a decisive agreement and to take immediate action over Haasberg ruins.
Not only avoiding people's exposure to more danger but also avoiding the total loss of this iconic building.
The citizens of Slovenia and Europe ask you to stabilize the ruins as soon as possible to stop any further collapse by using scaffolding systems or even building temporary wooden support structures.
The point here is that since Haasberg has been removed from the Republic's list of Highly protected monuments in the year 1999, along with other 32 important castles, leaving the ruins exposed to a very likely total demolition if the authorities decide that it's harmful to the community. Vanishing in one second almost 400 years of history.
As it previously happened with many heritage buildings in this beautiful country (incredible, but true).

Past demolitions 1
Past demolitions 2
Past demolitions 3
Past demolitions 4
Past demolitions 5
(and literally, hundreds of them are crumbling or already in ruins due to the lack of respect and commitment to our heritage)

This will widen that door which is slowly closing, planning of a brighter future, on which the palace could be reconstructed to its formal glory.
Materials of construction can be manufactured on-site (stone, wood, water, bricks, in other words, things that these lands have plenty of) and mainly: hard work and passion of those who we do believe that it is possible.
This could bring thousands of tourists who visit the nearby Postojna caves and Predjama castle, who would be delighted by the amazing treasures that this beautiful region can offer, and warmly welcome by our wonderful people.
The whole region of Planina and Unec would be reactivated once again, bringing prosperity, happiness to those kids who still dream on seeing their palace back shining under the sun, peace in the heart of those who we fell in love with it, and the main goal: to protect and keep a vital piece of European history alive.

Europe, Haasberg is also a big part of yours.
Please help us on this challenging quest by supporting this petition.
This is the first step for changing this sad situation and the shameful attitude from Slovenian Authorities towards our/your heritage, the European Heritage by preserving this icon which could be a symbol of fraternity between nations.
Please, help us to keep Haasberg Palace alive!

Thank you so much!
Juan P. Maschio / Feniks Transcending Heritage

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