Reduce Singapore's Gender Wage Gap from 40% to 0

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Although Singapore is perceived as a very developed country economically, they fall a little behind in terms of gender equality. Depending on the position and level of a person, the wage gaps between men and women can vary from 10% to 40% (Williams, The Straits Times), even between people with the same job requirements.  

Isabella, Eloise, Lydia and Tony are part of a Global Perspectives group in UWCSEA who are working towards changing the mindsets of local Singaporean people and (hopefully the government if this petition is successful) on the gender pay gap. In the future we hope to influence the government to develop a law to reduce the gender pay gap in hopes of ensuring gender equality.

We believe this is an important issue to address for not only Singaporean women, but to people of the world. Each country must play their part in the fight against gender inequality.