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Support the efforts of the Silver Springs Botanical Gardens Society

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Silver Springs has an extensive city park which includes a 12 year old BirthPlace Forest and an eight year old Botanical Garden. There are thousands of 12 year old Calgarians who have trees dedicated to them in the Forest.

Before the development of the Gardens and BirthPlace Forest, the area was mostly weeds, rocks, and grasslands pockmarked with gopher holes.

Today it is a veritable paradise that has been visited and enjoyed by thousands of people from literally all over the world.

The Gardens were developed and continue to be maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers. Last year, they put in over 6000 hours in their attempts to make our community a better place for all.

And as a result, the area is now visited by many seniors homes groups, walking groups and hundreds of students, teachers and parents on field trips. Please check out the Gardens website for more details on the above.

Recently, a group of on-leash dog walkers have taken issue with the developments that have occurred in the areas and have posted a petition to stop the growth of the Gardens. They feel that the since the park is an off-leash area, there should not be any gardens or structures in it.

They call the area a “dog park” set aside for dogs only. Well, this is wrong. There is NO such thing as a "dog only park" in the city of Calgary. They do not acknowledge that all city parks belong to ALL users and not just dog walkers.

Please click here for a City of Calgary document that makes clear that there are NO DOG PARKS in Calgary.

Parks are public multi-user places to be enjoyed by walkers, joggers, nature lovers, photographers, horticulturalists, labyrinth enthusiasts, seniors, students, riders, and yes - dog-walkers too.

For more on the off-leash issue, please click here.

The area is quite expansive and it is an unsubstantiated alarmist view to suggest that there is not room for everybody.

It is a also matter of public record that all Gardens projects are reviewed and approved of by the Silver Springs Community Association and the City of Calgary Parks Department despite what the dog walker petition alleges.

We signers of this petition also disagree with the characterization of the Gardens volunteers in the dog walker petition.

They are not law-breaking, reckless individuals who dislike dogs. We know them to be kind, caring, generous individuals who dedicate their time and energy into making our community a more pleasant place to live in.

Furthermore, it is totally wrong to accuse the Garden volunteers of not caring about dogs. Most of the volunteers are dog owners and dog lovers.

They built a people and dog fountain because they saw the need for dogs to remain hydrated. They sought financial support for the doggie poop bag dispenser and they keep it replenished. One of the volunteers is a dedicated dog walker who walks the entire length of the park picking up after dogs to keep the area clean and safe for all users.

Please support the Gardens volunteers and help them continue to maintain and develop the Botanical Gardens and BirthPlace Forest areas.

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