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Boycott Colbert's Nazi Emmys

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Stephen Colbert is going to be the host of the upcoming Emmys and as past liberal Hollywood award shows have proven, this will be another anti-Trump event (especially with Colbert) that demonizes President Trump and his supporters. Enough is enough. Sign this petition to tell alt-left Hollywood Elites that is unacceptable how they are dividing this nation by spreading fake news and accepting violence against anyone who believes in putting Americans first. While Trump Supporters are beaten and the first amendment rights of Republicans are being stripped across college campuses, public schools, and anywhere we'd like to express our beliefs, liberals (fascists cough cough) like Stephen Colbert try to paint President Trump and his supporters as something we are not; also playing a blind eye to the brown shirt tactics of groups like ANTIFA and extreme racism from Black Lives Matter members. 

IF WE WATCH THE EMMYS, we say it's okay for the alt-left, media, and Hollywood Elites to take away the rights of anyone who disagrees with them. Boycotting the Emmys and signing this petiton will say you stand up for putting AMERICANS FIRST, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! No millionaire liberal will tell me I am wrong for wanting to put my family, our veterans, and our country first as they sit in their mansions behind secure walls and we the people face the consequences of those who vote for liberal policies.   

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