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Suzi is sick in the pound

Mandy Geary
York, Australia

Aug 9, 2013 — Just thought I would let you all know that while Suzi has been in the pound someone has given her some off meat or food and she is in a critical condition. They the SHIRE OF YORK are refusing to pay for her medical treatment and are saying we have to so i have arranged that Swan Vets are taking her in the morning and we are meeting her down there as they are even refusing to let us take her there. They told us they wanted to put her down and I told them to go take a running jump off a short pier.

They wouldnt even let us have her as she is so sick so I could care for her and make sure that nothing happens to her and they have refused that....So help me god if anything happens to our pup I am holding them all responsible for this and those so called RANGERS will be lucky to have a job at the end of it.


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