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Our 17 month old Sharpei X pup Suzi is facing a very frightening and very real prospect of being put to sleep permanently by the York Shire Rangers.


We wrote a complaint letter about the rangers conduct and the constant Harassment on the 11th of March 2013 and a reminder on the 29th of March 2013 on the 3rd of April 2013 the rangers were at our address with a warrant to seize and detain our puppy.  Claims have been made about her that are untrue to the point of her allegedly attacking someone and we have unequivocal proof that our puppy is not the one who allegedly attacked this person.


This puppy was bought for a our then 8yr old little girl who lost her father in February 2010 to aid her recovery from PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The seizure of Suzi has now sent our now 9yr old  daughter back over three ( 3 ) years  in her recovery


Suzi has never been aggressive to anyone even to the point that she allowed 2 and 3 year olds lay all over her.


For any queries, please email Mandy Geary and Shaun Geary at



Letter to
Shire of York Western Australia The Honourable Tony Boyle and the Members of Council
The release of Suzi our now 17 month old puppy
We are writing on behalf of Suzi, a now 17 month old puppy, and our 9 year old daughter Amirose. Amirose lost her father in early 2010 from a tragic event and has been struggling with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) because of this.
We was advised about the treatments available for Amirose and one of them was animal therapy. We studied this alternative and researched the advantages of this type of therapy. We decided that it was ideal for our daughter instead of medication for someone so young.
In February 2012, we as a family went out looking at puppies. Amirose found the puppy she wanted, a female Shar Pei X whom she named Suzi. We noticed dramatic improvements immediately in Amiroses condition for the better. She stopped going to see Mental Health as this was not required anymore, and started functioning again as a happy normal little girl.

We had to move home in May 2012, because the home that they were renting had a major plumbing problem which the land lord refused to fix, and as this issue could have caused major health problems so we moved out into another rental property in York.

Not long after we moved into the home we got a visit from one of the rangers asking about the breed of the puppy Suzi and we explained that she was a Shar Pei X. The Ranger said to us that she looks like a Pit Bull, where by we told the ranger there was no way that she had any Pit Bull in her and then the Ranger asked us what she was crossed with. We told him that she was crossed with a Staffy. The ranger told us they had to put the Staffy first to have it registered in this Shire. He also went on to say that the breed has been classified as dangerous so there are restrictions with the dog. .
The ranger advised us that if the animal was going to be outside at any time, we must put it on a run so that there would be no chance of the dog escaping the yard. We argued the point, but were left with no alternative than to follow the Rangers orders in fear of him taking the puppy. He advised us that he would be back in a fortnight to check on the progress, and to inspect the runs.
Since then,we have been harassed constantly by both rangers in the town for one thing or another, and the Rangers had even lied and told us that he was an RSPCA Ranger, to intimidate us. However, we found out that the ranger in question wasn’t, and never had been a Ranger for RSPCA.
We got sick of the harassment and wrote an email to the CEO of the Shire of York on the 11th of March 2013, and then a reminder to reply to the email on the 29th March 2013. On the 3rd of April 2013 the two Rangers accompanied by the police arrived at our property with a warrant for the 15 month old puppy Suzi. When asking the Rangers why, when, and what proof they had, they said she had attacked someone that morning, and that they had no proof as yet; they were going to get it after dealing with this.

The Rangers have even brought the puppy to our home while the children were home, instead of what was arranged in court, which was that we go to see Suzi at either the shire or the pound to make sure she is ok . This was so as to not put the children through anymore unnecessary stress than what they are going through with not having Suzi around. The Ranger and his Superior showed up unannounced early one morning before school. The children thought that they were bringing back their puppy, only to find out that they were taking Suzi back to the pound. This again destroyed their daughters psyche again

Even with the mounting evidence against the Shire Rangers, they are refusing to drop the charges against Suzi, and release her back to her loving family and best friend, Amirose, who still to this day, cries out in her sleep for her puppy.

Many of us have fur members in our own family and know the bond formed and the emotional torment the owners are going through. So we are asking The Shire Council of York to reconsider the original decision to detain and destroy this puppy Suzi.

Thank you for your time and consideration
With many thanks and gratitude,

Suzi and Amirose’s many supporters

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