Remake of The Last Jedi

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Dear shareholders,                                        the disappointment in "The Last Jedi" was huge, and resulted in a worldwide backlash of the fans, not only on this movie, but also on "Solo", which caused the loss of lots of your money, and you're understandably very unhappy with this unexpected negative result!

The only permanent remedy to stop the downward spiral of Star Wars is to remake "The Last Jedi", which would be a precedent, but so is the SJW infection, and your kneefall would win back the hearts of us, the Star Wars fans, who then in return will spent their money on Star Wars movies, merchandise, and themeparks once more...

Off course you don't want to lose more money, so therefore we trust you will make the right decision, and for that we Star Wars fans will be greatful forever!

Truly yours

A dedicated fan since "A New Hope"...










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