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Unban BrandonDaGawd from twitter

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Just because Brandon made fun of a kid who died doesn't mean he has to be suspended. The family threw multiple insults at him, and proved to be complete hypocrites when they threatened to murder anyone who mentioned his name basically from then on. And I know what you might say, triggered tumblrinas - "they weren't being serious they were just expressing their anger reeee" - Brandon wasn't being serious either. Also, just because Brandon started it doesn't mean that everyone else (including myself) isn't just as guilty. If someone invented a collar that makes dogs attack humans on purpose without having a reversible effect, would you only kill the person that invented it? What about the dogs? Nah, it doesn't matter if the effects are irreversible, they're cute little puppies. Just because there are 2 sides to this whole Jake thing doesn't mean that the 1 side that is looked down upon by the rest of humanity besides his followers has to be the losing side. We find it as entertainment. Please unban my daddy <3 by @gizrik on Twitter- bring hate to me instead of him

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