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Make the number of years for this crime high enough to serve justice.

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This is important to me as i lost my 6 month old baby boy Ethan, at christmas 2011 while my then boyfriend Jason Redgrave was babysitting on 17th December for a little over two hours, i recieved a text at 10:52 reading 'ring me! now!' thats when i heard my son was not breathing, i rushed home and then on to the hospital via ambulance, after a CT scan it revealed Ethan had a bleed to the brain this was decided it wasn't done accidently, Jason was arrested straight away, after a large battle, and breathing on his own for 29 hours Ethan lost his life on 22nd december 2011 at 1:30am.. following post mortems and a brain specialist and eye specialist it took 5 and a half month for me able to lay Ethan to rest, a court trial was held starting 18th june 2012 the day after what would of been Ethan's first birthday.
the specialist explained how Ethan has four blunt traumas, this was no accident and Ethan has been Hit & Shaken, Jason had no defence but he got to sit in court listen to everyone's evidence which gave him enough time to come up with a good enough 'story' and enough excuses to plea for his innocence, he was later found guilty of manslaughter. i accept the charge of manslaughter because i still dont / or dont want to believe he went to up Ethan to kill him, i also believe it was a moment of madness, but this is against the odd's, a babys life was still taken, for this Jason was given 8 years. Only serving a further three and a half years in prison on this 6 month he has just done and then the remaining 4 years on tag, this is not justice this is not 'teaching him a lesson' this is a slap on the wrist. Although i understand Jason's life may never be the same once he is released from prison, but something needs to be done about the amount or minimum number of years needs to be raised. so in future, familys do not have to feel the failure from the justice system that me and my family have experienced, what does 'justice' mean in england?

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