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The Senate: We need to get help getting the "Blue-Green Algae" cleared and cleaned from Clear Lake!

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The community of Lake County surrounds the largest natural lake in California. Lake county also boasts the cleanest air in California as well. The Lake communities are home to thousands of people spanning from Upper Lake all the way around to Lakeport with many towns in between. There are many, many vacation spots surrounding the lake that help give jobs to locals and keep the unemployment at bay. Recently (over the last three years) there has been a gross increase in the growth of a certain kind of "Blue-Green" algae called cyanobacteria, rendering most beaches un-swimable and at certain times of the year boats can't even enjoy it. This harmful algae is toxic to animals and humans.  The harmful effects of this "Blue-Green Algae" can be as minor as the sniffles and as harmful as DEATH!  This algae has been linked to cancer, skin rashes, liver conditions, allergies and more.  In 1878 the "blue-Green Algae Blooms" were first found to have toxins and was noted in "Nature" by George Francis.  More of the background and toxicity information about this algae can be found via the website below. It is also affecting the tourism of the lake as well, people don't want to swim in a lake that has horrible disgusting smelling mats of gross toxic algae. Use of the lake is becomming less available therefore effecting the vacation spots as well as the locals in times of great heat.  At least 60% of the careers and businesses here in Lake County are due to the tourism and vacation resorts around the lake and due to this "Blue-Green" algae it has reduced to almost 75% less than the norm, therefore raising the unemployment rate of Lake County greatly.  Clear Lake is one of California's greatest beauties and could again be a breathtaking attraction and source of many jobs if money was put into it to the lake to remove this harmful Blue-Green cyanobacteria. Please help us to get the bill to senate and sign and share!

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