Stop Congress from Gutting the Endangered Species Act

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Since 1973 the Endangered Species Act (ESA) has protected vulnerable species of plants and animals and the ecosystems that support them. People have destroyed so much wildlife habitat in our country that many species who found it hard to adapt declined sharply in population.

Let's face it, we humans cut down most of the trees in this country to farm, build houses, roads, shopping centers, etc. We also have plowed the grasslands, dammed rivers, stripped the tops off of mountains, drilled holes in the earth, polluted our waterways, and deposited tons of trash in the oceans.

How are vulnerable plants and animals to cope with the harm we do to our environment? In 1973 scientists sounded the alarm that environmental degradation was taking its toll on biological diversity, and was causing harm to the health of people. Fortunately our government responded by creating the The Environmental Protection Agency and the ESA was passed nearly unanimously by Congress.

The ESA is a American success story, bringing species from the brink of extinction. You can find details at the Center for Biological Diversity. However, the current administration plans to remove the very part of the legislation that makes it so successful- the protection of habitat of endangered species. That is like taking away the homes and food of vulnerable plants and animals.

Why. you may ask, would they do this? They plan to allow business and industry to exploit the land that is now protected because it is critical habitat to endangered species. This protection is why the ESA has been so successful. Our current president and many of his party in Congress think we need more oil and gas pipelines, more mines, etc.

If they are successful in gutting the ESA the gray wolf and other species will soon be extinct. Please take action to stop them now!

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