Congress Pass "COVID19 No Payment ACT"

Congress Pass "COVID19 No Payment ACT"

July 1, 2020
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The Senate and the House of Representatives and 2 others
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Why this petition matters

Demand "Covid19 No payment Act Bill" be installed asap to protect all Americans.

Families, small businesses and some big business are filing bankruptcies that should never have occurred. All Americans have been listening to our Gov, State, City and counties to not go outside and close shop until further notice. Even If America opened everything up right now the countries finances will take months and maybe years to fully recover.

America Needed a zero payment act the moment the country demanded everyone close shop and stay in doors. We do not want to hear of a no payment act that still demands back payments. Pass a bill that excludes any payment of any kind including charges of back payments. When the country completely opens back up the billing cycle resets from the persons last payment. Then all Americans can move forward together.

Some officials and organizations saying "We are here to help American families during this financial hardship". Are not helping you when they are demanding interest off that loan and all back payments that defaulted not by your choosing.

Back when the Government gave free money out I stated it wouldn't work. That's not even a band aid fix to most households. Now there tempting America with more free money to DEFLECT AMERICA from reality.

Please support this America its the only action I could think of to try to reach as many of you as possible. I actually almost teared from the 0 responses from my FB page. I cannot be alone on this issue.  Has to be others out there that see this.

Yes this needs major tweaking but it also needs to stay logical, fair to anyone that deems themselves be an American. We need to always stay on point. No payment act, no forced bankruptcies and foreclosures, no vehicles repo'd and all small and big businesses are safe from being closed forever.

Keep in mind someone out there is buying all those properties. For pennies I might add. We need to put a major stop to it America.

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Signatures: 123Next Goal: 200
Support now

Decision Makers

  • The Senate and the House of Representatives
  • Any American State and City council
  • Mr.president