Second chances !

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Some times people make a mistake due to social influence or other circumstance.  They may have lost a job, a loved one or just all hope for their future due to faulty programming as a child.  Whatever the case, sometimes people trip and fall and must pay the price.  

The Federal system of prosecution is a harsh and Draconian one.  First time non violent offenders often times find themselves looking at 5 to 10 years or anywhere in between.  The Federal sentencing guidelines are not the current issue however.  What is the current issue is the difficulty one has when returning to society and having to wear this conviction while attempting to become a productive member of society and pick up the pieces after their fall.

I was 36 years old when I got into trouble for a drug conviction.  I was, as are many in the federal system, a first time and non violent offender.  I had a 4 year college degree and had just begun work on a masters and was honorably discharged from the military years before.  I had no record and had charitable contributions to my community well before my arrest.  

My example is not unique and there are a surprising number of people similar to me that I met while completing my 108 month sentence.  Upon release it is statistically accurate that within 3 years about 67% of defendants return to jail for once again breaking the law.  For those (first time and non violent offenders) that do not return to jail and have changed their lives and truly reintegrated back into society, a return of ALL of their Constitutional rights should be received.  Please help me to help all of those people that have made the effort to reintegrate back into society to have each and every last Constitutional right reinstated again.  The point of paying ones debt to society is in fact to be able to pay that debt to society and then move on as any other citizen would be able to.  The way the system is designed, that is not possible.  If a first time and non violent federally convicted felon pays his debt and performs all post release requirements flawlessly then let them be able to be the citizen everyone else can be.  Help give first time non violent offenders who have in fact completed all post release requirements all of the rights afforded under the United States Constitution.

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