Cancel the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway

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We, the undersigned, request the cancellation of plans for the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway and an urgent review of the associated development plans.  Any route in the proposed "corridor" will damage our countryside and health while doing nothing to meet the pressing transport needs of Oxfordshire.

We request that you state publicly that the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway will not be built.

An Oxford-Cambridge Expressway should be refused because:

·       New roads increase traffic, and air pollution.

·       Any route in the proposed "corridor"will do significant and irreversible damage to the Oxfordshire environment

·       More cars means more emissions for the next two decades; this road will therefore seriously impede fulfilment of the Climate Change Act, and obligations under the Paris Agreement.

·       This road will encourage the building of new car-dependent housing, much of it likely to be London-focused, generating more traffic and more damage to health.

The immediate and cheaper alternative is the reopening the Oxford to Cambridge railway link and this should be operational before any plans are made for new road developments.

Road traffic pollution costs lives and puts vast strain on the NHS. We owe it to the next generations to ensure this road is not built, and request that you as our representative put that into effect.