Stop The Mass Deportation of British Citizens to Jamaica

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The government have not yet right the wrongs it vehemently purports to do, neither has the dust yet settled on the national scandal that the 'Hostile Environment' so ruthlessly executed against citizens of the so called Windrush generation; and the government have already broken their promises. After numerous cases of irregularities, illegalities, discrimination and deprivation of their basic human rights, most of which are still unresolved. Coupled with resignation of the Home Office Minister, and apologies from both the Prime Minister, Theresa May and Amber Rudd, The former Home Office Minister. Theresa May said she was ‘genuinely sorry’ about the anxiety caused by the Home Office threatening the children of Commonwealth citizens with deportation. The UK government ‘valued’ the contribution they had made, and that they had a right to stay in the UK. Amber Rudd said, 'she was concerned that the Home Office has become too concerned with policy and strategy, and sometimes losses sight of the individual'. It’s evident that these words are not supported by the corresponding action, necessary to making them worth their weight in gold, or should I say goal. As, a charter flight has been scheduled to depart for Jamaica on Wednesday 6 February 2019; for another mass deportation of British and Commonwealth citizens. 
It is understood that many of these are being held in harsh conditions at Harmondsworth Detention Centre, as well Colnbrook Detention Centre. Twane Morgan, an Afghanistan veteran with PTSD, who has served this country is now being denied the very freedom he fought so hard to uphold for this country and is now being held in detention at the Colnbrook Detention Centre. He has stated that he is currently on a prescription for antidepressants and despite repeated requests he has been unable to access the medication he requires.  Information on those facing removal, gathered by campaign groups, indicates that seven of them came to the UK as children, eight have British-born children, and 11 have relatives in the Windrush generation. One of the ladies who is facing illegal deportation is said to be a grandmother to 10 British children, whilst another man scheduled to be removed reportedly has a grandfather who served in the British Army. 

Also scheduled to be on board that flight is 45-year-old Owen Haisely, a British Citizen, who came to the UK when he was 4. He has lived in the UK for 41 years and has three young British children. He is a youth workshop leader for a music project in Manchester.  Removing him from a country where he is considered a citizen, to a country where he left at 4 years old, would cause severe interference and undue hardship to him and his family. 
Ivonte Demetri Fyffe, 23, who has been in the UK since he was 3 years old, and whom has expressed that he is scared and fearful as he is being sent to place where he left as a child and doesn’t know how he would survive. 
 A government commissioned report published in July last year documented that the removal of people “who were more British than foreign” was “deeply troubling” and advised that routine deportations of people who had been brought up in the UK should end. Former prisons ombudsman Stephen Shaw, the author of the report, wrote: “For low-risk offenders, it seems entirely disproportionate to tear them away from their lives, families and friends in the UK, and send them to countries where they may not speak the language or have any ties.” 

So, it is evident that removal of these individuals would not be conducive to the public good. The current Windrush Scheme has failed to address many of the injustices and wrongs that have been caused by successive governments and legislation. The government has applied a very narrow approach in attempting to address the lives that have been destroyed. We are calling on Sajid Javid, the Home Office Minister to broaden the current policy. So that all of the families that have been affected have the opportunity to redress and to their rightful status of British citizen. Instead of righting the wrongs that they have skilfully orchestrated, through discrimination, partiality, marginalization and denial of their basic human rights; Theresa May’s government are still in full orchestration mode of their hostile environment agenda. 
The last mass deportation to Jamaica was in 2017 and attempting to restart mass deportations to Jamaica whilst the Windrush situation remains unresolved. Many are still hurting, many are still marginalized, many are still homeless, many are still without their rightful benefits, many families are still ripped apart, and many are still waiting months later for decisions; is not just a slap in the face for the Jamaican diaspora community in the UK. Instead it is also a huge dent to injustice, discrimination, partiality and deprivation of their basic human rights. Most of those who are slated to be on this charter flight have no one to support them and nowhere to go, consequently, they are left to the mercies of the elements. We have seen first-hand the devastation and degradation that this has caused on families and communities, as documented on Channel 4, the BBC, the Guardian and other media houses. 
The narrative needs to change, as the Windrush generation came here, not as immigrants, but as British citizens. And the Acts of Parliament that seeks to strip them of their right and label them as immigrants is clearly a discriminatory and inhumane act at fettering the human rights of a people who are perceived vulnerable. Apologies by the Prime Minister and the then Home Office Minister, Amber Rudd, as well as assurances by the current Home Office Minister, Sajid Javid; have failed to right the categorical failures and catalogue of wrongs committed against a whole generation. So, it’s evident that the government have failed in its duty of care to an entire generation. And the hostile environment rumbles on in earnest. So, evidently the government have failed to learn the lessons of the Windrush scandal; and are still illegally deporting its very own citizens to places where they will evidently be exposed to severe and undue hardship. The current Home Office Minister, Sajid Javid said he will do right by the Windrush generation. We petition Sajid Javid, Home Office Minister and are calling on him to do right not just by the Windrush generation, but to do right by humanity and do the following:
·     stop the charter flight to Jamaica scheduled for this Wednesday, 6 February 2019;
·     stop the mass deportation of citizens to Jamaica and afford them the same basic human rights granted to every citizen of the United Kingdom, inclusive of the Commonwealth.
·     And not just grant them an amnesty, instead uphold their rights, and grant them their full citizenship rights as citizens of the United Kingdom.