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As a local resident in Marsden Park, the boundary variations impact my community and where I live today. I am requesting the boundary variation outlined as Suburb Area 2 - namely the Stockland Elara community - be reconsidered inclusive of Suburb Area 3 as a whole and not only the left side of the Elara Boulevard  (retaining Marsden Park as its suburb name and not Lynch). There are thousands of residents already committed to this suburb and identify their home as Marsden Park.

As you are already aware a number of residents in the proposed Area 2 fall into the Elara Estate. While we understand council concerns of developers renaming suburbs, we are similarly concerned about the investments we have made, wholeheartedly, into Marsden Park and Elara as a community within Marsden Park.

After the amendment of the boundary for Area – 3 up to Elara Boulevard all amenities even will be in considered in Marsden Park and another suburb will have only one park from all the amenities Stockland has proposed. We are considering this as a misinformation from the Stockland behalf and unthoughtful amendments and from the council for the boundary which can make massive impact on most of us FIRST HOME BUYERS. If we knew about it earlier we may have taken informative decision and may have apart ourselves from the stressful process. Now, these dramatic decisions are affecting us economically and also mentally when you have put is in to the status of uncertainty which cost us health, time and money all without any wrongdoing.

Developers still selling their properties from proposed change area as Marsden Park and not either of the parties mention about this proposed name change. (Parties – Council and Developer)

Our key areas of concern are as follows:

-We signed our contract with developer and paying rates to the council as Marsden Park residents and we were never been informed of these proposed amendments

-It was a decision to buy in Stockland Elara driven by the fact that this precinct will have all amenities in our own suburb and we can call “MARSDEN PARK” home – it does make difference! - It will tiny suburb of its own with no identity since half area 2 merged with area 3. It is worse than before in  terms of amenities and identity of suburb is concerned.

-Lynch – Never been in the proposed names of Area – 2 – How council mention in proposal that as per 65% of the community feedback received? – Can we please ask for all data and analysis as if this name not even in the option for the Area-2 then how Area-2 residents give feedback as a community to council with this name – ANYWAY I JUST WANT WHOLE ELARA IN MARSDEN PARK BOUNDRY WHICH IS MERELY 1KM FROM THE PROPOSED BOUNDRY IT MAY BE LESS THEN THAT. -  It is misleading to say that our demand has been meet in current decision. Only half of Elara included. public consultation has not been responded. 

-We feel cheated as a community by amending proposed line to Elara Boulevard and not included whole community.

-Renaming small area of the particular community which will left with only one public park and retirement village, surely affect first home buyer’s investments and their future.

It is very easy to buy property as an existing dwelling compare to buy land build your own. We are integral part of the community who are working very hard, some of us working more than full time, making  and providing infrastructure for Sydney city while paying rent, for land mortgage and building construction mortgage all together. Many of us have compromised leisure such a holiday for this to happen. yes it is our choice however this kind of drama is not our choice while going through this hard time. No way would Government be able to create and spend billions of dollars. We should be supported by Government and other entities of government for this to take shape. For last 8 months we fighting over this issue, which is our own right as we bought land in Marsden Park, to get this result is extremely disheartening. Spending our weekends and evening sorting out this issues than spending time with our families. I strongly ask a question Why as hard working community we are put in the position that council compromises us and may be use for political/other agenda? We deserve better. 

Can I please suggest please do not put us as community in more stress as we already are as how housing as an uncertain market in current economy, most of us who are first home buyers (young families) dare to invest around 1 million as an average? PLEASE DO NOT POLITICISE THIS ISSUE - IT IS AFFECTING SO MANY LIVES.

We are hoping for thoughtful consideration from the council and Geographical Names Board for favourable reply in form of proposed amendments.






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