Stiff sentences + hefty fines & publicity for all who cover up for child abuse

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Child abuse is widespread worldwide. This needs to stop. We believe that only stiff sentences + hefty fines + publicity for all who cover up for child abuse will help reduce child abuse significantly. We want the revenues generated via these hefty fines to be used to compensate victims of child abuse and to lift children out of poverty globally. We are committed to supporting the Convention on the Rights of a Child eg children's rights to life, to health, to education and play, as well as the right to family life, to be protected from violence, to not be discriminated against, and to have their views heard. I have witnessed child abuse being covered up eg to protect the £8bn wealth & reputation of the Anglican Church, and because the exposure of child abuse would be a vote loser.  Politicians get media reporting orders and use their influence on the police to cover-up for child protection vote-losing scandals.  This is wrong, and must stop. I have suffered horrendously because of what I know about child abuse, and my pursuit of healing and Justice for All. Forcibly adopting a child to "settle" a financial child abuse claim is a heinous political practice and a crime against humanity. I first publicly adopted these child rights principles on 31.10.2000 when I founded the Patient Support Trust with the aims of reducing the risks to children and patients. 22 years ago I started a campaign for all children to have good role models, but alas so many of our political leaders are bad role models when it comes to children.  In the UK it is all too commonplace to find 35-50 years on from being abused in either a children's home or in foster care the child abuse survivors still cannot get justice, due in part to the withholding of evidence and the refusal of those responsible to compensate. This is why we need stiff sentences. I know of Prime Ministers who have allowed child abusers to be protected eg Prime Minister Tony Blair and his decision involving the UK's biggest ever child protection policing scandal ie Operation Ore, and Prime Minister Theresa May, when Home Secretary.  We, the people of the world, expect that no-one is allowed to cover up for child abuse or to protect child abusers, no matter who they are.  Our campaign steering committee knows that these issues are the same worldwide and child abuse crosses continents.  As we launch this petition we have committee members from the US, Canada, UK, South Africa, Yemen, Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Pakistan, Ireland & Sweden;  we have supporters who are survivors from Beecholme and Grenfell, we have committee members who run orphanages and schools. We have committee members who are child rights activists and anti-corruption politicians too. We care. The UK alone has 80,000 on-line paedophiles; our petition can help protect children and help the police in their work too. As this petition grows our aim is to have more committee members from other countries (192 countries are members of the UN in total). To apply to join our committee or just to offer help please contact me via email or via facebook or via the Justice for All facebook group moderators or via a comment under my youtube videos.  Please sign this petition, comment and share it.  Thank you.  "20 November" each year is "United Nations Universal Children's Day";  our aim is that our Petition goes to the UN and receives the support of all 192 Member Countries.  We need your help to do this.  We believe that this Petition can help make the world a better place, especially for children.  The world we live in is not what we want for our children, for our grandchildren or for any child.  I lost a baby via the 1996 Chillenden Murders international cover-up, I understand the pain that parents and children avoidably separated feel.  Many victims of child abuse have PTSD, they have the right to support and recovery.  We must pull together to ensure that as many children as possible have the best possible start in life, and that those children who were abused can finally be healed. Some children have seen traumatic horrific things - they have the right to heal. We want as many children as possible to get the best start in life via their childhood so that they can fulfil their potential.  Kind regards Yolande