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All those who abducted by law enforcement we want them back

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Petition to the Secretary general of United Nations for seeking help about the abducted and kidnapped political leaders of opposition of Bangladesh.

For last 8 years Bangladesh has been experiencing a formidable and ghastly situation created by ruling govt. and their brutal law enforcement agencies. People of opposition are taken away and being abducted in daylights. Very few are returned, some are found tortured, majority remains untraced and if found, mostly dead. Law enforcing agencies of Bangladesh are behind these crimes (Abduction, Kidnapping and killing), says many international human rights organizations and U.S. foreign affairs secretariat’s reports & It becomes an open secret in Bangladesh. Here, often these agencies like RAB, DB, Police arrests people without any kind of warrant. Some are shown arrested after long period of time. Most of the arrested people are become unrevealed.

In April, 2014 a similar incident took place at Narayanganj. 7 people including leaders of ruling party were kidnapped and killed. The corpses were found in River Shitalakkha and later we came to know that the law enforcement agency (RAB) was directly related with the kidnapping and murder.

On 17 April, 2012, M. Elias Ali (organizing secretary of largest political party of Bangladesh, BNP) had been kidnapped from the capital along with his chauffeur & missing still now. Two of JCD activist and political follower of M. Elias Ali, named Iftekhar Ahmed Dinar & Juned Ahmed had been abducted 14 days before of M. Elias Ali’s kidnapping. Their families, party and dwellers of Sylhet believe that two occurrences are connected together anyhow. Before his kidnapping, M. Elias Ali organized and started a strong mass movement against “Tipai Mukh Dam project” which was also against to the evil interest of government. All the Sylhet people declared solidarity along with M. Elias Ali’s Movement. Then The ruling party filed a case against M. Elias Ali and tried to foil the movement but they couldn’t succeed. So it is reasonably believed that the abduction and kidnapping were done under the influence of the government. Even when his Excellency high court put an order to take necessary steps to find M. Elias Ali, the government never took any visible steps. It has been 5 years that these 4 people are missing. We prayed but we never got any helps from either the law enforcement agencies or from government.

In these circumstances stated above we have been seeking kind consideration and begging help to the Secretary General of United Nation to solve this situation.


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