Stop Salmon Farms Damaging the Marine Environment.

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Salmon farming has a history of damaging the marine environment and it is predominantly due to profit first!
Nature could mitigate the effects while the salmon farming industry was small scale but it is now HUGE and GLOBAL.
Some countries like Peru and Chile have seen its devastating effects as the industry collapsed. Is Scotland next? or Canada? Not Norway as they operate under stricter controls, ironic when the big salmon companies are Norwegian owned.
Self-regulation DOES NOT WORK! The salmon industry works with an, 'Out of Sight, Out of Mind' philosophy and that MUST change.
Farming by a Closed-Containment method has the potential for salmon farming to be developed while reducing damage to the marine environment.
Closed-Containment can be land or water based, it uses a waterproof membrane and filters water keeping the sea and farmed salmon separate reducing most of salmon farming's adverse effects on the environment.
Closed-Containment can eliminate shooting seals; eradicate the use of harmful acoustic deterrents, harassment for porpoise, dolphins and whales.
Closed-Containment could eliminate the lice problems for wild salmon and could eliminate cross contamination including gene pool pollution in wild populations.
Currently, 'Treatments' for farmed salmon can kill entire food webs this could end.
Closed-Containment works BUT the salmon farming industry is more concerned with PROFIT, stating that it is too expensive but what is the cost to the environment and other industries and communities that rely upon clean seas and healthy marine ecosystems?
The only way this will change is if The People say, "Enough is Enough"! The cost will reduce if ALL salmon farms use Closed-Containment.
Signing this Petition is a start, signing the Scottish Parliament Petition is a step further, and NOW is important as in early 2019 the Scottish Parliament will debate salmon farming in Scotland, other Countries may follow, so we need your help!
Change on a Global scale could happen with a click!
More information including the link to the Scottish Parliament Petition calling for Closed-Containment can be found at Marine Concern website . Thank You.

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