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Petitioning The Scottish Parliament To Whom It May Concern and 25 others

The Scottish Parliament: Let Occupy Edinburgh set up a camp in a central public area.

Setting up an occupy camp in a public area is vital for the protest for various reasons. The main one being that an Occupy protest camp draws attention on many issues that need to be considered by the public and law making authorities. Setting up a peaceful demonstration in the city square has been the backbone of the occupy movement, and since that avenue of protest has come to an end at St. Andrew's square, Occupy Edinburgh now wishes to have another demonstration without the threat of eviction! Let Occupy Edinburgh have a space which will serve as a protest! Let Occupy Edinburgh have a public space to occupy so that they can continue to raise awareness for issues, and to end corruption. Please show the public that Edinburgh still has heart! The Scottish Parliament are now urged to work with Occupy Edinburgh, and allow Occupy Edinburgh a public space to continue their peaceful protest.

Letter to
The Scottish Parliament To Whom It May Concern
Ward Twelve Labour Councillor Counillor Nick Gardener
Ward Twelve Green Councillor Councillor Maggie Chapman
and 23 others
Ward Thirteen Green Councillor Councillor Chas Booth
Ward Thirteen SNP Councillor Councillor Adam McVey
Ward Thirteen Labour Councillor Councillor Gordon Monro
Ward Fourteen labour Councillor Councillor Joan Griffiths
Ward Fourteen Labour Councillor Councillor Alex Lunn
Ward Fourteen SNP Councillor Councillor Stefan Tymkewycz
Ward Fifteen Green Councillor Councillor Steve Burgess
Ward Fifteen SNP Councillor Councillor Jim Orr
Ward Fifteen Labour Councillor Councillor Ian Perry
Ward Twelve SNP Councillor Councillor Deidre Brock
Ward Twelve Labour Councillor Councillor Angela Blacklock
Ward Ten Labour Councillor Councillor Paul Godzik
Ward Ten SNP Councillor Councillor Sandy Howat
Ward Ten Green Councillor Councillor Melanie Main
Ward Ten Conservative Councillor Councillor Mark Mcinnes
Ward Ten Labour Councillor Councillor Norma Hart
Ward Ten SNP Councillor Councillor Tom Buchanan
Ward Ten Labour Councillor Councillor Bill Cook
Ward Ten Conservative Councillor Councillor Nick Cook
Ward Eleven Labour Councillor Councillor Karen Doran
Ward Eleven Conservative Councillor Councillor Joanna Mowat
Ward Eleven SNP Councillor Councillor Alasdair Rankin
Ward Fifteen Conservative Councillor Councillor Cameron Rose
Let Occupy Edinburgh set up a camp in a central public area! We urge you and demand that you cooperate with Occupy Edinburgh and arrange for a public space to be used as the hub of peaceful protest! Please contact Occupy Edinburgh, or the creator of this petition to discuss arranging a public space!

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