Stop the introduction of Keeper Liability for private parking charges in Scotland.

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don stewart
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The Scottish Government should not allow the introduction of Keeper Liability for private parking charges in Scotland.

Mr Murdo Fraser has put forward a ‘Proposed Regulation of Privately-Operated Car Parks (Scotland) Bill’.

Currently in Scotland, there is no Keeper Liability (KL) for private parking charges as there is in England and Wales.  When Private Parking Companies (PPC), issue parking charges to drivers in Scotland, they can only pursue the drivers and not the vehicle’s keeper/owner for payment.

Mr Fraser’s bill is seeking to impose the right for a PPC to assume Scottish keepers are liable for these charges.  If the Scottish Parliament allows this, it will create an uneven playing field and be a very bad law for Scottish motorists, putting them at a serious disadvantage.

Keeper Liability is the ONLY safety net Scottish motorists have against the predatory practises of some of these parking operators.  

This bill will simply allow the PPC’s to extract many millions of pounds from the Scottish economy causing families and businesses to suffer.  Many families will be charged the equivalent of their weekly food bill, or mortgage, for simply going shopping, or visiting a gym, or even attending a hospital for treatment. 

As it stands, there is NO controlling legislation and the proposed bill does NOT allow Scottish motorists to challenge KL. Therefore the PPC can assume keeper liability and transfer the debt.  In England and Wales many innocent people are dragged into court to pay a bill they didn't agree to. 

If this bill is passed, it will result in a large increase in the number of charges issued.  This will lead to a vast burden on the Scottish court system with many motorists facing inflated costs of up to £250 per parking ‘ticket’.

This bill serves only the interests of the PPC’s, some of whom are very large corporations and many smaller, often rogue, operators.  

The Scottish Parliament should show it genuinely acts in the interests of the people of Scotland and not allow this bill.