University of Brighton Students Demand Access to a Physical Showcase of Work & Graduation

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From the 20th March 2020 students at Brighton had their access to all facilities on campus cut off and have begun to continue to work and adapt their practice remotely. As students, we understand the importance of these actions and support the University in their choices at this difficult time. However, up and down the country, art schools have been cancelling physical degree shows for graduate students and replacing them with the notion of a virtual show. Whilst we all understand these times are uncertain and unprecedented, we request the same opportunity and exposure provided to all previous graduating students. Our degree show is seen for many as the pinnacle of our academic careers, and the beginning of our professional practice beyond university. It is incredibly important to many students to be able to make physical work and show it publicly, and we believe that without the university providing this pivotal show our progression as artists could be stunted and we will struggle to receive closure from an incredibly important phase of our lives as people and artists. The university should also consider this to be a vital part of the teaching they offer. Both the space and learning opportunities lost are of great detriment to the graduates of 2020. In order to be provided with the same chances as our predecessors, the class of 2020 wish to request the facilitation of public and physical events such as a graduation and degree show.
As of the 1st April, UAL released a statement promising the students who want it a ‘physical public showcase for graduate work’ ( Using this statement from a major art university as a template for our own demands, we have compiled a list of actions that we wish for the university to take to safeguard our access to a physical showcase and celebration of our hard work over the course of our degree.
Our demands:
1)    To receive confirmation from the University of Brighton that they will provide students with a physical public showcase for graduate work, subject to the course of the pandemic, to students and courses who want it.
2)    To receive confirmation from the University of Brighton that students will get a physical graduation ceremony, subject to the course of the pandemic, for students and courses who want it.
3)    That the University of Brighton will fully support and facilitate the above events, subject to the expectations laid out by past years and the usual provisions other students have received.