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The School Districts, all over the U.S.: Stop Sending Our 10 yr olds+ babies to jail!!

Starting at age of 10 yrs old, if a boy accidentily touches a girl on the bottom,this is a way of getting our children to prison especially our minority children, which is sad, hilarious-if not a disgrace, and is so wrong. These are our children and our kids that need our guidance, support and not our system to give up on them, and finding any excuse to set them up and or framing our kids into a life and having a police record for no reason at all. Our kids barely know the parts of body, and these adults are pulling our boys into a life that is causing them to be abused and mistreated.(Which is what this whole thing is doing to our boys). It is a abuse and it is mistreating them.

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  • The School Districts, all over the U.S.

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