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Give Pope a Real Hoco

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Last year was the first year that Pope didn't have a real hoco. This year, tons of people got super excited when after Greyhound Madness, they saw that there was supposed to be a real hoco this year on October 7th. Turns out, the calendar lied and it's actually October 6th during and after the football game. Um, there's a problem. For the band, colorguard, football team, anyone involved in the game or halftime show, you cannot go to this dance- that might I add isn't an actual dance unless food trucks and wearing what you wore to the game counts. Many people, including myself, have already bought dresses, suits, shoes, and anything else you wear for hoco because that is what the calendar said and Pope has failed to say ANYTHING about hoco which happens the week after break. Many people have made hair or nail appointments and dinner reservations to make their hoco experience what they want, a TYPICAL high school experience. With this food truck 'hoco' we have planned, not only will all of the student body who wishes to go not be able to attend, but time and money that people have spent on planning hoco will have gone to waste. Is having the majority of the student body angry really worth having a hoco that's not legit? NO! 

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