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The school board of ElCapitan, Colorado City Arizona (CCUSD#14): Please Reconsider the dress code that was put in place on July 8, 2013

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Dear board members,
I received a letter in the mail regarding a parent meeting set for June 25th and also got a phone call to address the dress code. On the top of that letter it said come and let your voice be heard, I am sorely disappointed that the board was not told what the parents wanted that did show up to that meeting. MOST of the parents were against the proposed dress code! And the staff should have relayed this information.
This is where we as parents feel like we are being controlled and/or manipulated by staff members. If we cannot have a clear and open line of communication and trust that our staff is relaying the messages of what the parents want, do we really think that the parents are going to stand behind the staff?

I am disappointed that Jared Hammon said very plainly that we were voting on ONE issue, the capri’s. He never said a compromise! He said, NO… This is one issue.

July 8th The school only informed parents hours before this went in front of the board. And Carol said that she had put it on the agenda or called that meeting that day. Is this even legal? Was it put on the board agenda the week before?

I cannot feel good about sending my children to school in clothing that they are not even used to wearing. I just went through my youngest daughters clothing and there is NO clothing that meets this code. There are a few plaid blouses, but the neck line is a little shorter and it is a graphic design. My kids get very little new cloths when school starts. I do not have the money to replace the cloths they do have.

There are millions of schools that have and deal with a dress code. What do other public schools do? I know they do not make an extreme dress code like this one because the one they have is not working.

I am respectfully asking the board to reconsider the dress code with more parent input.
All signing this petition are in agreement with the last statement.

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